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Ice Cream Vendor Dies While Resting On His Motorcycle

This father always worked hard to provide for his family, ignoring his headaches and breathing difficulties.

  • Misyanto, a 66-year-old ice cream vendor from Indonesia, has been found lifeless while resting on his motorcycle.
  • According to his family, he often worked hard despite of experiencing frequent headache and breathing difficulty.

An Indonesian ice cream vendor has been spotted dead while he was sleeping on his motorcycle. Locals at Desa Ledokombo, East Jawa found the lifeless body on the road and immediately alerted the authorities about it.

The man, who was later identified as Misyanto, has been discovered by Suwoco who was trying to cross the road. Apparently, the 66-year-old ice cream seller was resting his head on his motorcycle handle. Suwoco blew a horn to call his attention but he still didn’t move. The former then approached the latter and noticed he wasn’t breathing.

According to authorities, investigations revealed there weren’t indications that Misyanto was killed.

The police said there weren’t any signs of possible struggle plus he still had all his belongings with him. Iptu Sono of the Sumber Police Station later confirmed that a medic team examined Misyanto’s body.

The most probable cause of death? Exhaustion due to overwork.

As the police representative told Sura indonesia:

“His family members said that he would always complain of having headaches and breathing difficulties. Yet, he insisted on going to sell his ice creams.”

As a father, Misyanto still kept working, setting aside his personal comfort, so he can provide for his family members. Unfortunately, it all led to his untimely demise.

Death from overwork is a serious issue in Asia.

In fact, it has become common in Japan that they even have a term for it: “karoshi.” Meanwhile, it is called “guolaosi.”

Experts are reminding workers to avoid the dangers of overworking by valuing their health and wellness. Exercising, eating proper diet, relaxing, and living a healthy lifestyle are extremely important, especially for those who tend to work long hours each week.


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