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Indonesia Dad Names Baby Boy ‘Department of Statistical Communication’




  • Slamet ‘Yoga’ Wahyudi, a father from Central Java, Indonesia, named his newborn son after the Department of Statistical Communication.
  • The Indonesian dad has worked in the department since 2009 and picked the name as a tribute to it.
  • My wife did not mind,” said Slamet about their baby’s unique name.
    They later nicknamed the baby as ‘Dinko’ following objections from friends and family members.

This is the bizarre moment when a father went viral online after giving his newborn baby an unusual name. As you’ve read in the headline, he named his son as ‘Department of Statistical Communication.’

According to reports, 38-year-old Slamet ‘Yoga’ Wahyudi has been given permission by his wife Ririn Linda Tunggal Sari, 33, to name their child if she gave birth to a baby boy. When she finally delivered their newborn, Slamet already had a name in mind.

The couple ended up naming the child ‘Dinas Komunikasi Informatika Statistik’ – which literally translates to ‘Department of Statistical Communication.’

Apparently, the father – who is from Berbes, Central Java – picked the name as a tribute to his workplace. Slamet began working as a civil service officer in the country since 2009 and has been in public service for over a decade.

As anyone can expect, the strange name has gained negative reactions from friends and loved ones, including the couple’s own parents who have “voiced out their amusement and mixed feelings.” However, the couple still went with it and just nicknamed the boy “Dinko” as a compromise.

“At first it sounded strange, but thank God my wife did not mind,” he said in an interview. Slamet added he is hoping baby Dinko will grow up to be a “pious” child while Ririn wants him to remain “devoted to his family.”

As of this writing, it remains unconfirmed whether authorities in Indonesia have accepted the unique name or not.

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