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Fishermen Baffled After Catching One-Eyed Baby Shark




  • Fishermen from Maluku, Indonesia were surprised by their unusual find – a one-eyed white baby shark.
  • The group later contacted the local marine office to tell them about it.
  • According to the men, the baby fish was already dead when they found it inside a bigger shark.

It totally looks like a creature from ancient mythology but Indonesian fishermen have been left baffled after catching a one-eyed baby shark in the province of Maluku. As can be seen in the photos below, the little shark had a white body and an unbelievably big eye.

Reports said that the bizarre fish was discovered inside a bigger shark after it was cut open by the group. The little creature was found lifeless inside the adult as they were cleaning it and removing its guts. Naturally, they were surprised by the foetus’ unique appearance. The baby shark even had fully-formed fins.

This one-eyed baby shark was found inside a big shark in Maluku, Indonesia.

29-year-old Andy, one of the fishermen, shared:

“We found three babies inside… but one of them looked strange with only one eye. It’s color was strange, too… like milk.”

The little creature captured everyone’s attention because of its odd features.

Soon after the interesting find, they immediately alerted marine authorities to turn the tiny shark over for testing.

In a feature by The Sun, we read that the little shark had a condition called Cyclopia, which is “a rare congenital disorder characterized by the failure of the front portion of the brain to properly divide the orbits of the eye into two cavities.”

On top of that, it also had albinism which explains its milk-like color.

The story went viral online and some netizens even compared the shark’s unusual feature to that of Mike Wazowski, a character from the Pixar films Monsters, Inc. and its prequel Monsters University.

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