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How To Get Rid Of Ants From Your Laptop In The Easiest And Most Natural Way





Are pesky ants currently invading your precious laptop? Believe me when I say that I know the feeling because it was only recently that I encountered such horrendous experience.

I remember placing my laptop on the dining table and typing a sentence or two while I eat. You see, I was then at the middle of beating a deadline so I needed to multitask as much as I can. I noticed two to three ants crawling on my laptop, but I did not bother because I was able to successfully put it away in an instant.

When I finally settled back at my usual work station, I noticed that the ants on my laptop grew in number. I wiped it away with my hands and then with damp cloth, shook my laptop and even subjected it to a high-heat blow dryer. I was able to get rid of it, but only for a minute or two. At this point, I was feeling really frustrated.

The best way to remove ants in your laptop.

I then searched the Internet for ways to solve my problem and got either very complicated tips or silly advice. Some say, I should wrap it with plastic and freeze it for a couple of days, other say I should expose it to the heat of the sun and the list goes on.

Finally, one YouTube video shone among the rest that I decided to try it out. At first, it seemed dangerous and very simple to be effective, but believe me, it works. I just followed all the steps without fail, slept the night away and when I woke up the next morning, the ants were all gone! It was so effective, no one would ever thought my laptop was once drenched in pesky ants.

Here is the video that saved my laptop’s life:

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Just a few more tips
  1. Be sure to choose a steady platform because one sway may cause your laptop to be submerged in the water. Now, that is a problem I cannot help you with anymore.
  2. For me, I used a rectangular can of biscuits like this:


  3. Make sure that the entire bottom part of the basin or pan is filled with water. The idea here is to let the ants realize they have nowhere else to go.
  4. Do not expect ants to decipher your plan instantly. It may take hours for it to find the bridge fork you placed on one side of the laptop.
  5. Overnight duration is well recommended because ants are more active during the night.
  6. You may still use your laptop during the middle of the procedure but take extra caution.

I hope this article was able to help you get rid of ants invading your laptop. I suggest you try this because you’ve got nothing to lose and only peace of mind to gain. Remember, ants may enter the tiny internal parts of your laptop so apart from destroying your prized gadget, ants may also cause hazardous electrical or short circuit problems.

Let me know if this works for you! Share your thoughts in the comment box below and share this post your family and friends too!

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