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Simple DIY Three-Ingredient Solution to Rid Your Home of Ants





Are you plagued by ants? You’re not alone. Thousands, if not millions of homeowners around the world are harboring a headache over these pests that crawl up, down and across tables, kitchen counters, bathrooms, floors, and other corners around the house.

You may have tried half a dozen remedies to get rid of ants, but they keep coming back. Sprays and pesticides may appear to be the most effective solutions, but they smell bad, are dangerous to humans, pollute the air we breathe, release disease-causing carcinogens, and threaten our ozone layer, as well.

Don’t give up hope, however. One simple three-ingredient solution exists to help you rid your home of pesky ants whenever they appear.

You don’t have to scour specialty shops or consult pest control experts to secure these three ingredients, either. In fact, you probably already have them in your pantry.

These three ingredients are:

#1. Sugar

020916 ants 3

Source: Wisegeek
#2. Honey


#3. Borax, a common household stain remover

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If you don’t already have borax. You can always find it in your local supermarket alongside laundry and cleaning supply products.

All you need to do is mix six teaspoons of sugar into a cup of borax, and add boiling water. When the mixture cools down, pour in some honey.

Then transfer the mixture into a spray bottle…


…and voila! you have your own natural and non-toxic anti-ant spray.

The next time you see a line of ants in your home, simply attack with a spray of the solution.

Here’s a video to demonstrate the effect:

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Happy ant hunting!

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