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Artist Bribes Live Ants To Help Complete Her Illustrations





Making art is not easy. You need to spend a lot of time and effort just to complete one masterpiece, which is why one artist decided to get some help.

Artists Iantha Naicker gets a little help in finishing her works from ants. Yes, you read that right. Fully knowing the fact that these tiny insects couldn’t create illustrations on their own, she decided to bribe them.

Naicker uses sugar to make intricate shapes and the ants follow the trail and complete her masterpiece. It’s quite a bold yet clever move to bribe the ants with the sweet treat, coaxing them to gather on her artwork in certain areas, and that’s what makes her work different.

From a lion’s mane to a rhino’s tusks, the insects scurry around the page, creating the missing animal elements — just like how Naicker planned it.

While her project appears to be light and fun, it is not as easy as it looks when you try to capture it on camera. In fact, Naicker makes multiple attempts just to take one picture.

She revealed:

“It gets tricky because they move around quickly and I have to record as fast as I can.”

Naicker is still learning so she read more about photography, HD, and observing ants from up close as they are busy with their own sweet lives.

Although we’re all busy watching the ants, Naicker’s illustrations are already amazing enough to check out all of her work. But these tiny crawlers certainly added some interesting details to her portraits.

It’s definitely an interesting way to create art, but it sure requires a lot of patience. Obviously, Naicker has a lot of patience to make these unique illustrations as her Instagram account is mostly about her impressive creations with live ants.

Watch the video here:

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