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50 Hilarious People Who Thought They Met Celebrities in Real Life

I can only imagine the faces they make after learning the truth.


There is always that satisfaction whenever you meet a celebrity. This is most especially true if you meet one in the most unexpected ways. Unfortunately, for some, this kind of experience can be disappointing. That is because they either meet a fake one or someone who just looks exactly like a famed actor/actress. Although some met with real celebrities and they just did not know them.

Elite Readers has compiled a list of these hilarious experiences by people who, unluckily for them, thought they met with celebrities. Scroll down below and enjoy the funny moments. Let us know which ones are your favorites!

#1. Poor Mark.

#2. This guy pretended to be Tom Cruise. And voila, he got some free chicken in Thailand!

#3. Is that Morgan Freeman? OMG… nope.

Source: DorsettLouis
#4. Sorry to burst your bubble, buddy.

#5. Nailed it!

Source: Reddit
#6. Well, it is close enough.

Source: Azsharaa
#7. If you look closely, you will know it is not Jake Gyllenhaal.

Source: Sorentius
#8. This one really looks like Drake, though.

#9. When a homeless guy convinces you he is George R.R. Martin.

Source: RorysStory
#10. Sorry, kid. It is not your lucky day.

#11. That is not clearly him, girl.

#12. Some girls just do not know what Ed Sheeran really looks like.

#13. When you look like Johnny Depp and you suddenly get free hotdogs.

#14. This dad really thought he met Will Smith.

#15. Girls, that is not Morgan Freeman. Trust me.

Source: Bragadash
#16. Who else think this is Rod Stewart?

#17. Peter Dinklage got so drunk that night.

#18. When you are so drunk you insisted this guy is Andy Samberg.

Source: rhodesrugger
#19. This lady thought this was Tyler the Creator. The laughs!!!

Source: FlakoTaco
#20. Now I know why the rumors about Bill Murray not looking good.

Source: coufini
#21. Yeah, that is Chris Pratt for sure.

Source: JJCastilloVR
#22. Macklemore? More like “Mackleless.”

Source: Blue_Thing
#23. Hello, former president!

#24. When you took a selfie with Bono… a fake Bono.

#25. “A cool black guy.” Seems legit.

#26. This one is epic. A magazine actually printed this story about Ryan Gosling… a mistaken one.

#27. Alright, alright, alright!

Source: bettkacker
#28. Convincing myself this is Johnny Depp.

Source: bluestblue
#29. Well… she does look like Rihanna. But more like without sunshine Rihanna.

#30. Bruh, that ain’t me.

Source: Rzla
#31. Nope. That is not him.

Source: kenjeong
#32. This kid really thinks he is with the real Oprah Winfrey.

#33. Never thought Daniel Craig was this skinny.

#34. Does this guy really look like Niall Horan?

#35. Another one of those Macklemore mishaps.

Source: itchybrained
#36. Imagine the frustration at the end.

Source: ArianFoster
#37. More like Zach Gal… I cannot even spell his last name.

#38. Another girl who fell into the Zach Galifianakis spell.

Source: B-Jamz
#39. Drake… Nope.

#40. Introducing Hank from Breaking Bad. Wait, what?

Source: RawrHaus
#41. Yay, George Clooney!

#42. It would have been great… if it was really Marilyn Manson.

#43. Still better than Trump, they say.

#44. When your dad thinks he met Tina Fey.

#45. Too Fast, Too Fake.

#46. Hail, Stan Lee. Except this is not him.

#47. When Usher became a bit fat.

#48. Drake really has a lot of lookalikes.

#49. Sometimes, you just need to wear stuff like Tom Cruise.

#50. Hulk Hogan my a**.

Seriously, we feel sorry these people. Imagine the disappointment knowing they did not actually meet real celebrities. How about you? Did you experience the same thing, too?


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