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12 Tricks That Celebrities Do To Always Look Stunning In Photos





Celebrities look great in magazine covers and movie poster as these are highly edited photos. The real test is how good they look on the red carpet and public places because this is the time that people see them live up front.

Not even the most gorgeous star with incredible genes is perfect. The truth is that they just have a good team behind them who knows the latest fashion and beauty trends. So why do they look good all the time if they’re just normal people like the rest of us? The answer is simple, celebrities know what to do in front of any camera.

Here are 12 tricks that celebrities do to look picture perfect.

1. Blake Lively raises her tongue to the roof of her mouth to avoid a double chin.
2. Nicole Kidman strains her neck to outline her chin line.
3. Monica Bellucci raises her head to tighten the area around her face.
4. Taylor Swift bites her cheeks while smiling to enhance her cheekbones.
5. Megan Fox slightly opens mouth and shows her tongue to look sexier.
6. Julia Roberts wide opens her eyes to hide fine wrinkles around that area.

Celebrities need to look good because their appearance is their bread and butter in the business. But let’s not forget that they are simply human being too, with flaws and insecurities.

What makes these stars different from us is the fact that they have the experience and knowledge on what to do to look good. A little trick here and there and they’re ready to go.

7. Jennifer Lawrence lifts her brow and doesn’t focus her eyes to look dreamy and mysterious.
8. Mila Kunis lowers and relaxes her eyelids to look more sensual.

9. Charlize Theron exhales through the mouth to makes her lips look more voluminous.
10.Meghan Markle bends her head to make her look kind and approachable.
11. Sandra Bullock lifts her shoulders to focus attention on her toned figure.
12 Kirsten Dunst smiles with half of her mouth too look more demure.

It’s certainly hard to believe that celebrities struggle to look good because they always look polished and flawless. However, these tricks will remind you that they have little secrets under their belts to appear that way.

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