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12 Tricks That Celebrities Do To Always Look Stunning In Photos

I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!

We all know how great celebrities look in highly edited photos, but the real test is how good they look on the red carpet and their social media accounts. A picture is worth a thousand likes, and a snapshot is never just a snapshot.

Sure, they’ve got armies of personal trainers and personal stylists, as well as some of the world’s best genes, but celebrities have something else that helps them look amazing in just about every single photo they pose for — knowledge and experience. They simply know what to do in front of any camera.

So if you want to look as stunning as your favorite celebrities in your photos, here are 12 tricks that they do that you can use in your next selfie.

1. Blake Lively raises her tongue to the roof of her mouth so that she won’t have a double chin.

In order to not worry about a double chin, Blake uses this simple trick. It makes the neck muscles contract involuntarily, and the chin line becomes more clearly defined.

2. Nicole Kidman strains her neck so that her face looks better.

The proud posture of this actress is another way to outline the chin line. Nicole puts her shoulders down and pulls her head up, thus, straining the neck. This trick eliminates any possible skin imperfections.

3. Monica Bellucci raises her head.

The Italian actress uses this widespread trick when posing for photos — she raises her head and pulls her neck, thus, tightening the area around her face. To make the pose look more natural, Monica tilts a little to the side. One should be careful with this trick — if the angle happens to be unflattering, you might end up looking arrogant.

4. Taylor Swift bites her cheeks a little to enhance her cheekbones.

The American singer has a special bite that she uses wisely. When posing for photos, she often shows her teeth and at the same time bites her cheeks a little. It helps her to enhance her cheekbones. This trick can be figured out by the distinctive folds around the chin.

5. Megan Fox shows her tongue to look sexier.

The signature facial expression of this American actresses’ face is a slightly opened mouth and a slightly stuck out tongue. Megan enhances her sexuality with the help of this simple trick. Sometimes though, the actress looks a little weird, but this doesn’t affect her charisma or attractiveness.

6. Julia Roberts wide opens her eyes.

The famous Hollywood smile of this actress hides a little trick. When smiling widely, Julia doesn’t squint but looks upward. It prevents the appearance of small wrinkles around the eyes, while the look itself stays wide-open and a bit naive.

7. Jennifer Lawrence raises her brow and doesn’t focus her eyes.

The actresses’ signature facial expression is a slightly lifted brow and an unfocused look. To get this effect, Jennifer looks to the direction of the camera but, at the same time, she unfocuses her eyes, getting the effect of looking inside herself. It helps her create a mysterious, dreamy gaze.

8. Mila Kunis puts her upper eyelids slightly down to make her look more sensual.

Wide-open eyes are the actresses’ main feature, not to mention the fact that she has mild heterochromia — her right and left eyes have slightly different colors.

To make the look more sensual, Mila lowers and relaxes her eyelids. Girls who have naturally big eyes can only use this trick, otherwise, there is a risk of making your eyes look like narrow slits.

9. Charlize Theron exhales through the mouth.

To get the effect of a living and breathing photo, the actress uses a simple trick — she exhales through the mouth. It makes her lips look more voluminous but without the vulgar duck effect.

10.Meghan Markle bends her head to get closer to her audience.

To always look friendly in photos, just like a princess should, Meghan uses a simple trick — she bends her head forward and to the side as if bending toward an audience. Together, her kind smile, wide open eyes, and wave make this pose very attractive.

11. Sandra Bullock lifts her shoulders to enhance the best features of her body shape.

By slightly lifting her shoulders, the actress strains her clavicle, thus, focusing attention on her toned figure. Again, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, the neck might end up looking too short.

12 Kirsten Dunst smiles with half of her mouth.

This half-smile is her signature trick and can be noticed in almost every one of her photos.


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