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15 Celebrities Who Break Stereotypes

Many may be shocked with #9.


We used to think that famous people have the perfect ideal life. Today, thanks to the Internet, we can see how they live and discover new sides of their lives.

Increased conversations about diversity in all shapes and sizes are driving home the point that there is no exact definition of beauty and perfect lifestyle. Here are 15 celebrities who break stereotypes that we are all tired of.

1. You should only marry your equal.
2. Women should get pregnant as soon as possible.
3. Young moms will not be successful.

Crowned as Forbes’ youngest self-made billionaire in history, it is safe to say that mother-of-one Kylie Jenner, 21, is living a very good life.

4. Older women can’t be moms.
5. It’s too late to have a career if you didn’t start right away.
6. Men should always be taller than women.
7. Men should be older than women.
8. A huge age gap is not ideal.
9. Women should make family her only priority.

Women are expected to have a goal of starting her own family and be a mother. However, many are already happy and satisfied with being single and childless.

10. Adults should act like adults.
11. Female is the weaker gender.
12. Men should be tough and must not have any weaknesses.
13. Men and women should settle down while they’re young, but not too young.
14. A bachelor is never going to settle down. He will always be jumping from one woman to another.

Leonardo DiCaprio has never been married, but the 44-year-old actor, film producer, and environmentalist had dated a lot of women. Although he is known as a popular bachelor, doesn’t mean that he is not going to get married at all.

15. People will never change. Once a black sheep, will always be a black sheep.

From “Mommy Monster” to Oscar-winning actress, Lady Gaga is a perfect example that people can shine outside their comfort zone.


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