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30 Hilarious Mothers Who Made Us Laugh Non-Stop





While some of us may be tempted to think that fathers are the funniest, mostly because of their hysterical antics and crazy daddy jokes, it looks like mothers aren’t actually lagging behind the hilarious department. If you doubt that, just take a look at the photos below that will settle once and for all that, yes, mommies can be savagely funny as hell!

Allow us to share with you 30 mothers who embraced and proudly exhibited their wicked sense of humor, much to the shock and surprise of their children.

Go scroll down and be ready to laugh non-stop:

#1. A Christmas stocking for a cat.

Kudos to this funny mom!

#2. Her son jokingly said he wanted a birthday cake with “Jesus riding a stegosaurus.”

Source: Reddit

Be careful what you wish for.

#3. “The Mormons insisted on speaking to my mom. So here they are helping her garden.”

Source: Reddit

And yeah, kudos to those young men for rolling up their sleeves.

#4. Mothers copying their sons Dodger game selfie.

Source: Reddit

I guess the moms did it better.

#5. His mother said she knew he was gay before he ever did – and she has the picture to prove it.

Source: Imgur

What a cool mom.

#6. Burn!

Apply cold water to that burned area.

#7. His mother made him and his cat matching ties for Christmas.

Source: Reddit

Now they look like siblings! LOL!

#8. This drunk mother is having so much fun arranging potatoes by their size.

Source: Twitter

Geez, that’s enough alcohol for today, mom.

#9. The son was studying abroad so he sent a cutout of himself as a joke. His mom took it to family gatherings!

Bet he misses home now more than ever.

#10. A mother left this note for her son. Check mate!

Source: Reddit

That #3 choice though. LOL!

#11. A mother had this in her laundry room.

Source: Reddit

Looking for a mate indeed.

#12. When you had a typo and your mom won’t quit making a big deal out of it.

Source: Tumblr

“I feel tire!”

#13. This mother just loudly proclaimed “I peed on the floor!”

Source: Twitter

She literally did.

#14. Playing as astronauts in IKEA.

Source: Reddit

That’s one cool mother right there.

#15. The cat wants to know.

I so want to read the reply to this message.

#16. A car next month.

Got you!

#17. When you ask your mom for a “cool” bookmark and she gives you her picture instead.

Source: Reddit

Holy crap.

#18. A special mug from mom.

Source: Reddit

Mothers give the best presents.

#19. Her kid wanted to get out of Physical Education because its “too cold.” So the mother wrote this:

Source: Reddit

Take that, you lazy kid.

#20. This is what happens when your mother cleans your room.

Source: Reddit

WTF, mom?!

#21. This mother sent some cash this way.

Source: Reddit

She thought a check would be too easy.

#22. One mom made this to keep the family entertained during a graduation ceremony.

Source: Reddit

They’d probably be done in 10 minutes or less.

#23. When your mom decides to be brutally honest.

Nuff said!

#24. This mother slid a note under the door after seeing her sob while watching Buffy.

Source: Reddit

Livemoms are the best.

#25. They tried pranking their mom. She took a photo and went inside.

I wonder how they felt about this.

#26. In her defense, this mother said she didn’t have any other picture frame.

Source: Reddit

Well done, mom!

#27. A son is getting a divorce and his mom got him this to “commemorate the occasion.”

Source: Reddit

What a supportive mother.

#28. When you receive a gift box from home and find out your mother did this embroidered pillow just for you.

Source: Reddit

Uhm, thanks mom?

#29. Her daughter lost her phone at a bar and so this mom gave this to her.

Source: Reddit

She probably had mixed feelings about this.

#30. When you have a job interview and your mom sends you a motivational note.

Source: Reddit

That’s an excellent reminder right there.

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