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15 Funny Dads Who Are Either Winning Or Miserably Failing At Parenting





A father plays many different roles. Aside from being the family’s provider and the companion to his spouse, he also has to man up and help in raising the children the right way. In most cases, he is also a carpenter, an electrician, a cook, a playmate, and much, much more.

Fathers are cool and we here at Elite Readers take our hats off to those men who are doing terrific jobs in their individual responsibilities.

Looking at the pictures below, however, we are not quite sure whether we are looking at awesome or loser types. I mean it IS kinda hard trying to decide if these dads are winning or miserably failing at fatherhood!

What do I exactly mean with that?

Well, you go scroll down and find out for yourself:

1. “I am your father!”

Source: reddit

When he wants to be Darth Vader and she wants to be a princess. Because Star Wars is life!

2. Sportsmanship lessons from a dad.

Source: reddit

We bet it’s a lesson the child will not forget anytime soon.

3. This is what you get when you combine a bad dad joke and a protest.

Source: reddit

Really, dad? REALLY?!?

4. Go shopping with dad, they said. It would be fun, they said.

Source: reddit

Well, absolutely freakin’ NOT!

5. This dad just trying to relax with his pet.

Source: reddit

If that’s your dad, you’d probably feel worried.

6. This dad who grills everything…

Source: reddit

Well he’s getting ready for the bake sale, you know!

7. His daughter asked him to bring her straightener.

Source: reddit

So he brought all of these!

8. This dad wanted an easy-to-maintain Christmas tree.

Source: reddit

I so want to see his wife’s reaction to this.

9. This dad did some toilet cleaning – with a bath bomb!

Source: reddit

Great. Just great.

10. When your dad is trying to learn to tweet.

Source: reddit


11. This funny exchange between a father and his daughter.

Source: auntyacid

Well this just got awkward.

12. This is why you do not ask your dad to bring your lunch at school.

Source: reddit

I bet he never asked his dad to ever again.

13. He probably didn’t hear the announcement clearly.

Source: twitter

I love how he went all out retro tho!

14. Dads and Tumblrs.

Source: instagram

What a polite guy.

15. After years of searching, he finally found a bottle of diet water.

Source: reddit

He seems so satisfied about the discovery.

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