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Your Gigantic Face Printed On Your Luggage Might Be Outrageous But It’s Actually Genius





For frequent flyers, suitcases are nothing but essential. And when on important trips, nothing’s more inconvenient than taking forever to spot your luggage in a sea of similar-looking travel bags. Sure, luggage tags or bright-colored ribbons are helpful but not that much. If you really want to make your suitcase stand out, maybe it’s time you try a new and unique travel case.

Firebox, a London-based online retailer that specializes in unique items, is selling Head Case – a stretchable and customizable travel case that can fit luggage of different sizes. What makes it unique? Well, Head Case literally puts a giant picture of your head onto your suitcase, making it easier to find and deterring anyone who might want to steal it.

Buyers can customize their travel case with a headshot of their choosing.

Source: Firebox

They just have to go to the Firebox page, choose a size, click ‘Personalize,’ and upload a high-resolution photo of their face, a family member, a friend, a celebrity – or even of an enemy! The image will then be printed on both sides of a polyester and spandex blend material.

The retailer claims that the ‘possibilities are endless’ with Head Case.

Source: Firebox

The Firebox website says:

“Prevent ‘Baggage Reclaim’ drama and make sure your bag stands out from the crowd by slipping it snuggly inside a Head Case. After all, nothing says that’s my luggage!’ quite like a giant version of your own face, smiling back at you as it shudders round the conveyor belt.

The idea of your face printed on a huge material for everyone at the airport to see might seem terrifying, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay (plus $26.00 to $39.00, depending on the size) for convenience and practicality.

Is this something you’ll be interested in buying?

Source: Firebox

It’s worth a try if you ask us.

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