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Hidden Camera Captures Grandpa’s Epic Reaction to Baby News





Finding out that you will soon be having a baby is always a special moment.

As much as possible, you want to break the news with your loved ones right away. Everyone deserves to hear the wonderful surprise and you can’t help but feel excited to see how people will react to the pregnancy.

But of course, the announcement should be done in a creative way. You don’t want to spill the beans to the public just like that – especially among those closest to you.

Take it from this couple who wanted to announce their pregnancy to the soon-to-be grandparents.

Instead of simply telling their folks, Justin Hall and his wife wanted to make it memorable.

grandparents-reaction-hidden-camera featured

Photo credit: Justin Hall

What they did was to decorate their wall by hanging several baby clothes and gift bags. In the middle of it all was a sign that read “Baby Hall 4-27-14.” On top of that, sneaky Justin installed a hidden camera in the room so they can capture the reaction of his in-laws.

The elaborate preparation definitely paid off. The priceless reactions were all caught on camera – especially that epic “dance” from the tough-looking grandfather.

The video is just less than a minute but it’s absolutely worth-watching.

Click the play button here and see for yourself:

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As you can see, the grandma went fully hysterical.

She was still talking with someone over the phone upon entering the room but quickly cut the conversation when she saw the wall. She jumped, laughed, and ran around the room – obviously overjoyed by the pleasant news.

Grandpa, on the other hand, stayed calm and played it cool. He just looked around making sure there was no camera before he leaped in delight like a little child on his birthday. It’s really adorable!

Justin uploaded the heartwarming video on YouTube. So far, the video has gained almost 3 million views.

Well done, Justin. Absolutely well done!

H/T: ReshareWorthy

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