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Sneaky Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch Men Staring At Her Cleavage

Both men and women couldn’t help but stare!

  • New York woman Whitney Zelig wore a secret camera on her shirt to see how many people will stare at her chest.
  • The funny video was apparently done in the hopes of increasing awareness among women about the importance of performing self-exams to detect breast cancer.

Here’s a question for the ladies out there: how do you react when people stare at your breasts? Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you confront them about it?

Well one woman from New York came up with the idea of wearing a hidden camera on her shirt so she can count how many people (and an animal, it seems) will stare at her as she strolls in the streets of Manhattan.

Whitney Zelig, 29, placed the secret camera in her low-cut tank top, leaving the top button open.

Of course, the footage she captured shows us that, yes, her chest did get a lot of attention from strangers.

As it turns out, she was ogled not only by men (even those who were with their partners) but even women and a dog.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Chris Zelig, Whitney’s brother, and we learn that they did it to raise awareness about breast cancer.

At the end of the video, we read:

“Ladies, don’t forget to check out your own breasts too. Early detection saves lives.”

According to the official website of, about “1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.”

Meanwhile, we are also told that the siblings’ mom is a survivor of breast cancer. Now they’re hoping to raise awareness and encourage women to perform self-exams each month so they can detect any potential problems early on.

Watch the full video here:

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Now watch this informative video about how to perform a breast self-exam:

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Bear Caught On Camera Stealing Dog Food From Family’s Porch

The furry thief dragged the box away from the porch and into the woods!

  • A family in Pennsylvania was concerned when they didn't receive a box of dog food they had ordered online.
  • However, the dog food was actually left on their porch but had been stolen by a furry thief.
  • A video revealed that the box of dog food had been dragged away by a hungry bear.

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Woman Pretends To Be A Bush To Witness Sister’s Engagement

“We are 1 yr apart.. why are our lives so different rofl”

  • A woman found out that her sister's boyfriend was planning to pop the question and wanted her to be present for the engagement.
  • Not wanting to be the third wheel, she decided to put on a ghillie suit and pretend to be a nearby bush.
  • Not surprisingly, the pictures have gone viral as people can't stop laughing at her awesome effort.

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Man Pre-Records Hilarious Message For His Funeral, Makes Mourners Cry With Laughter

“Hello? Let me out, I f–kin’ died in here!”

  • An Irish man decided to make sure his funeral ended on a hilarious note by pulling one last prank on the mourners.
  • He pre-recorded a message that would be played when his coffin is lowered to the ground.
  • The message featured the man begging to be let out of the coffin and even included him singing a song for his loved ones.

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