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Hidden Camera Discovered Inside Child’s Teddy Bear Won At A Fair





Imagine the shock and fright of finding a camera inside your child’s teddy bear. This parental nightmare actually happened to a mother from Tennessee.

On Saturday, a mother from Tennessee discovered the camera stuffed inside the teddy bear, which her child won during the Wilson County Fair. Upon the discovery of the hidden camera, the mother reported the incident to authorities triggering a formal investigation by the Lebanon Police Department.

According to the Lebanon Police Department’s Facebook page, they had examined the teddy bear and questioned the booth operator who handed out the prize for the child.

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Upon examination, the police found out that the hidden camera did not have a power source and was not working.

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The police investigating the source of the teddy bear discovered from the operator that the stuffed animals arrived in bulk from a “discount facility” in Georgia.

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Based on the evidence, the authority concluded that the stuffed bear “may have been a returned or damaged item,” most likely a nanny cam, and was “packaged for discount resale, as discount retailers often do.”

Nanny cameras are commonly used by parents who are not able to spend the whole day with their children, usually due to full-time work.

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Some parents place the nanny cameras visibly around the household, which are known to the child’s nanny.

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Other nanny cameras are cleverly hidden inside stuffed toys and other everyday items, unknown to the child’s caretaker so that the parents can observe how the nanny takes care of their child if they are not around.

Upon inspection of the other prize items, no other stuffed animals had hidden cameras.

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The department also claimed that “no illegal activity is suspected at this time.”

Thankfully, the nanny camera hidden inside the teddy bear was not functional. Nevertheless, the shock and fright brought about by the discovery were real and nightmarish for parents.

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