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Grandpa Volunteers And Naps With Cats At A Shelter Every Day

Literally cat napping.






The more we hustle in real life, the more we appreciate the little joys of life on the Internet. Just like this 75-year-old man quickly went viral when photos of him napping with cats at a shelter captured a lot of hearts.

When a U.S. pet sanctuary posted photos of an old man napping with a cat on their Facebook page, it had no idea how the post would make Internet warm and fuzzy. The sanctuary’s founder Elizabeth Feldhausen shared a series of snaps of Terry cat napping with the rescues, and he quickly became an online sensation.

Terry visits the shelter on a daily basis to brush the cats. However, instead of watching the cats nap, he ends up napping with them.

Elizabeth wrote on Facebook:

“We are so lucky to have a human like Terry. Terry just came along one day and introduced himself. He said he’d like to brush cats. Eventually, it became every day. He brushes all of the cats and can tell you about all of their likes and dislikes. He also accidentally falls asleep most days. We don’t mind – Cats need this! Terry is a wonderful volunteer.”

Elizabeth told Terry that a lot of people viewed his photos and liked them, but he said that he’s not interested and fame and would ant people to donate to the shelter instead. His wish became a reality when people started sending their donations to the nonprofit organization and the founder of the shelter couldn’t be happier.

Elizabeth said:

“Our donations have increased! Normally, we’d make between $3,000-$4,000 per month. This week, we have reached $30,000! This is amazing because we do rely solely on donation!”

Elizabeth shared that the proceeds will go to more quarantine rooms, bills, and much-needed equipment for the winter. She said they have enough funds for the rainy days.

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Lonely Narwhal Finds New Family In A Pod Of Beluga Whales

Animals truly are amazing!

Nobelle Borines



Sometimes friendship can transcend age, race, or even species. A lonely narwhal that lost its way has found a new family. The poor juvenile has found amazing friends in a pod of beluga whales.

The unusual family has been spotted in Quebec's St. Lawrence River. This is certainly surprising since narwhals usually live in the Arctic. Although it is unclear how the lonely creature ended up in Canadian waters, it is great to see that he has already made some great friends.

One of these beluga whales is actually a narwhal!

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Filipino Boy Without Arms Who Wants To Be A Builder Inspires Others

This boy inspires us to work hard for our dreams despite obstacles and shortcomings.

Angela Beltran



Most people complain about the slightest shortcomings or mishaps in their lives - the traffic jam, the strong rains, or the lack of money. Some, on the other hand, look at the positive side of life, just like a young Filipino boy who has no arms.

Instead of complaining about his disability, he strives to live normally - attending school, playing with friends, and doing his hobby, carpentry.

Meet Niño Dayon from the Philippines.

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Dad Gets Emotional After Children Buy Back Car He Sold For Wife’s Cancer Treatment

What a touching story! This brought tears to my eyes…

Mark Andrew



Wesley Ryan used to own a 1993 Ford Mustang and he loved it so much. In fact, he named it Christine after the 1993 Stephen King horror film. 12 years ago, however, he had to make the hard decision of selling his prized vehicle.

The reason? Laura, his wife, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and so they needed the money for her treatment.

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