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Filipina Chef Whose Hands Were Chopped Off When She’s 11, Now An Inspiration To Many




  • A victim of violence, Maricel Apatan lost her two hands at the age of 11.
  • Despite her condition, she worked hard to obtain the training and education needed to become a chef.
  • She’s now working for big hotels and also as a baking and cooking instructor.

Maricel Apatan is an inspiration to many. The 31-year-old woman from Zamboanga City, Philippines has caught the attention of netizens because of her heartbreaking yet uplifting story.

According to Maricel, she lost both hands when she was only 11 years old when she was attacked by some men. Life became truly challenging because of the tragic incident but fortunately, she did not give up.

Maricel Apatan of Zamboanga, Philippines lost her hands when she was 11. Now she’s working as a chef!

The eldest of six children, Maricel stayed determined to rise above her difficult situation. She had siblings to help and so little by little, she decided to relearn doing simple tasks without her hands. She also continued with her studies and eventually obtained a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a diploma for culinary arts.

When she was 21, Maricel had the opportunity to work at the Edsa Shangri La Hotel in Manila. The job helped her earn money to fund her siblings’ college studies. Aside from working in different hotels, she likewise became a baking and cooking instructor, passing her skills and knowledge to interested learners.

Maricel’s success and perseverance has encouraged many to likewise work hard on their dreams.

In an interview with a morning show, she was asked about what advice she would give to others and she addressed her message to those with or without physical disabilities.

She said:

“Study well. Show your parents that you can achieve your dreams. Just set your goal and don’t lose hope.”

Watch this video to see Maricel in action:

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