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Gigantic Wolfdog Abandoned At Shelter Finds New Home In Wolf Sanctuary

Yuki the wolfdog has found a forever home but still needs your help!

Getting a dog is more than just a hobby. People need to understand that puppies eventually grow to become large dogs. One owner discovered that the wolfdog they purchased from a breeder was too much to handle and abandoned the pooch at a shelter known for euthanizing unwanted pets. Luckily, the rare dog has been taken in by a wolf sanctuary where he has grown truly gigantic.

Yuki was only 8 months old when his owner decided to leave him at the shelter. The future wasn’t looking good for the wolfdog but help was soon on the way. The pup was rescued by workers from Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Education and Experience Center in Naples, Florida. Yuki’s story became viral after a photo of him looking truly gigantic made the rounds on the internet.

Meet Yuki, the huge wolfdog who is taking the internet by storm.

There’s a good reason why Yuki is so huge. According to Shy Wolf Sanctuary staff member Brittany Allen, he is one of the highest content wolfdogs at the sanctuary.

“His DNA testing came back as 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, and 3.9 % German Shepherd,” Allen revealed.

Allen also revealed that Yuki isn’t as gigantic as most people think. She says it had a lot to do with the angle on which the photo was taken. “It’s just his fat angle guys. We all have one,” she wrote.

Yuki is certainly enjoying his newfound fame. However, the volunteers are hoping that it will also help in spreading awareness about his current condition.

“He was diagnosed with cance r last year and unfortunately it is terminal. We have dealt with this particular can cer before and ultimately you don’t really know how fast you caught it and how much time they have. Yuki has been fighting it for quite a while now and is persevering so it is business as usual while we enjoy our time with Yuki. When the day comes that he starts showing symptoms we will, as we always do, make the right decisions for Yuki’s quality of life,” Jeremy Albrecht of Shy Wolf Sanctuary said.

We’re certainly hoping that Yuki gets all the help he can get. You can follow Yuki’s story through the Shy Wolf Sanctuary Facebook page.


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