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Gigantic Sea Lions Steal A Boat In Hilarious Video

It’s their boat now!

  • A former soccer player found something truly unbelievable when he went out fishing in Washington.
  • Joshua Phillips found a boat that appears to have been stolen by two gigantic sea lions.
  • Although the marine animals were curious about the other boat, they appeared to be unwilling to give up the vessel they have stolen.

It’s not uncommon to see another boat when you’re out fishing. However, former soccer player Joshua Phillips came across something truly remarkable when he was out fishing one day. He discovered that someone’s boat has been stolen by two truly gigantic sea lions. Amazingly, the marine creatures didn’t even appear to be sorry about the crime.

Phillips posted the video on his official Instagram account. In the video, Phillips decided to go closer to the boat that appeared to be stranded in the middle of Eld Inlet near Olympia, Washington. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that the boat is being weighed down by two heavy sea lions who appear to be relaxing on top of it.

Watch the hilarious video below:
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Boats and…. #sealions

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Not surprisingly, Phillips couldn’t help but joke about the situation. “I don’t think this boat owner likes sea lions anymore,” he said as their own boat circles the stolen vessel. He also noted that the boat is “so close to sinking” and that if one of the sea lions eats three more salmons, the boat would be a goner.

Interestingly, the two sea lions noticed Phillips and his boat circling them. Although they appeared to be curious about the other vessel, they weren’t exactly eager to leave their post. Instead, the duo simply ignored Phillips as they continued enjoying their time on their stolen boat.

It remains unclear what eventually happened to the boat since the large sea lions used it as their new relaxing spot. Some are hoping that the owner managed to get it back without too much damage. Nevertheless, it’s a hilarious video that proves how playful and creative these marine animals can be.


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