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Huge 450-Pound Fish Pulls 2 Anglers Off Their Boat




  • A group of friends went fishing on Cape Coral, Florida and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience.
  • They spotted a massive Goliath Grouper and the fish pulled two anglers off their boat.
  • They successfully caught the big fish later on and their video ended up going viral on social media.

Eric and his girlfriend Jenny arranged a surprise for their friend Mike for his 30th birthday. It ended up being an extraordinaryexperience that they have since dubbed it as the “unforgettable fishing miracle.”

Apparently, the couple hired Captain Ben Chancey of Chew On This Charters to go fishing out of Cape Coral, Florida. They initially told Mike it was a manatee sightseeing trip. Much to the celebrant’s delight, they later encountered a massive 450-pound Goliath grouper and, of course, he had to try catching it.

According to Ben, everything was going wellat first so he just watched Mike do it and didn’t lend a helping hand at all.

In a Fox News feature, the captain shared:

“After about 10 seconds of fighting the giant fish on his own he was pulled down to the gunnel and was lifted overboard by the giant fish.

“When he went over he grabbed the side of the boat and then had the rod pulled out of his hand. The rod was lost.”

Around 20 minutes later, however, Jenny noticed the rod again “on the bottom in the crystal clear 40-foot-deep water.” They managed to hook it using the anchor and then they saw that the huge fish was still attached to the rod.

Ben continued:

“While Eric was holding the rod the fish made a mad dash for the bottom again launching Eric overboard with the rod and reel.”

According to the captain, this was the first time he witnessed the same fish pull two men overboard.

Watch the video here:

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