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40 Hilarious Airport Greeting Signs That Are Both Funny and Embarrassing

They surely know how to greet people at airport arrivals the right way.






People all have their own fair share of airport experiences, most especially to those who travel a lot. And most of the time, these experiences are quite memorable. But it can’t be denied that hurtling on a plane for hours can be exhausting. After all, no one wants to wait.

Interestingly, people have found ways to make arrivals a bit more exciting. It basically involves going to an airport with a little twist of creativity. In this article, we’ve collected some of the best – and especially unforgettable – airport greeting signs. And yes, you guessed it right – all of these captured everyone’s attention.

So, without further ado, below are some of the most creative and exciting airport arrival signs. You definitely can’t help but get inspired.

#1. May the FORCE be with you.

#2. Mommy’s going to be… proud?

Source: richardec
#3. What a way to greet your father who’s a soldier.

Source: Logan Tesar
#4. If you’re a big Star Wars fan, you know exactly why it’s “FATHER.”

Source: eldy50
#5. One way to paint a smile on your wife’s face!

Source: Blastergv9
#6. When you’re about to meet someone on Christmas eve.

Source: smacktip
#7. Cuteness overload!

Source: joeboughner
#8. Florida it is!

#9. So, what now, Tom? Will you say “yes” or what?

Source: markmyw0rds
#10. Can anything get cuter than this?

#11. Meeting Johnny who actually has a chocolate factory in Australia.

Source: DENAirport
#12. Best. Dad. Ever.

#13. When your brother-in-law picks you up at the airport.

Source: Arcadius989
#14. Just read it.

Source: Barjeking
#15. Mission accomplished!

#16. Boy’s reaction is priceless.

#17. No wonder his brother wouldn’t want to meet him.

Source: ramblindan
#18. Well, at least, he’s a supportive son.

Source: jcsparkels
#19. When you ask your neighbor to go pick you up.

#20. These guys definitely miss their parents.

Source: clareyf
#21. Wow. That’s a lot of information.

#22. When your roommates decide to pick you up at the airport.

Source: looza88
#23. How’s this for a start Mokie?

Source: Popkin
#24. Yup, daddy still loves you!

#25. This seriously needs a trophy!


Source: PeetiePanda
#27. Imagine the disappointment of other people.

Source: Jenodd1
#28. If this greeted you at the airport, would you be happy?

#29. The couch.

#30. Keyword: IMODIUM.

#31. No wall. No Wall.

#32. This is how boyfriends should greet their girlfriends at the airport.

#33. Ah, what sweet little kid.

#34. Just take a time to read this one slowly.

Source: DaleDarko23
#35. De-briefing incoming!

#36. This one’s dedication is top-notch.

Source: ambzap
#37. Kids nowadays are experts in savagery.

Source: cheekybeck
#38. “Mr Snowden.”

Source: savbuck
#39. When you’re such a Game of Thrones fan.

Source: DougieMCG
#40. Remember not to tell him your full name – and nickname.

So, what do you think about these funny and embarrassing airport greeting signs? Have you experienced such, too? Let us know in the comment section below!

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