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An Easy And Effective Way To Prevent Tights From ‘Running’.





Many girls love to wear tights for a variety of reasons.

Some use it to keep warm, while others are just so conservative that they need a cover-up for their legs. Whatever the reason is, tights remain to be a fashion staple, a wardrobe need and stylish piece.

Despite the many positive things about tights, it comes with disadvantages. The most probable one is getting easily destroyed through “running.” We have to admit it, tights are so fragile that even a little poke or stretch may cause it to deserve a space in the dumpster.

A pretty popular tip for preventing tights form running is to paint it with clear nail polish and to be careful every time you use it. However, we discover another effective and very simple way to keep tights intact: freeze it!

The cold temperature of the freezer will cause the fibers of the tights to stay close to one another and strengthen its bond. With this, frozen tights stay intact much longer. However, it is still a good idea to handle tights carefully for a longer lifespan.

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Source: Little Things

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