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This Amazing Runner Accidentally Fell Down But Immediately Got Up to Win The Race!





We are all familiar with that old quote that says “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall but how many times you pick yourself up.”

Having that type of “never say die” attitude can really be one of the secrets of success in life. Sure, we will all encounter difficulties along the way but as we persist and stay determined, overcoming the obstacles will be possible.

Heather Dorniden is a person that truly lives on that principle. Back in 2008, this runner competed in the women’s 600 meter run for the Big 10 Indoor Track Championships. During the last 200 meters of the race, she unexpectedly tripped and fell down on the ground. That gave her a big disadvantage as her competitors continued to speed down the tracks and leave her behind.

Others would have felt discouraged and immediately rationalize it’s impossible to catch up because of such a setback – but not Heather. She definitely didn’t see it that way.

Determined to win, the young woman immediately stood up and with pure power, rapidly gained momentum on the final lap, running pass the other three athletes and making it all the way to the finish line!

Watch the unbelievable video here:

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Heather’s story of perseverance has truly inspired many. Despite her fall, she showed that it’s absolutely not impossible to win your races if you have the will to move on and still give your best shot.

On an interview, Heather shared what was going through her mind during the race. She said:

“I knew team points were close, so there was never any doubt that I would finish the race. Luckily it was a home meet, so my whole team, my parents, and fans gave me so much energy. I heard the announcer say, ‘Watch out for Heather Dorniden.’ I thought, yeah, watch out for Heather.”

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