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‘Fishtail Brows’ Are the Latest Beauty Trend to Take Over Instagram

Fishtail brows are the next beauty trend to take over Instagram.


You may have heard of the feather brows, the Christmas tree brows, and the squiggle brows. But all those beauty trends are so last year. This 2018, fishtail brows are in.

Yes, the fascination with eyebrow styling isn’t over just yet, folks. The feisty-looking fishtail brows are taking Instagram by storm with many users, mostly women, posting their take on the latest beauty trend. You may have seen it pop up on your feed recently.

The unique eyebrow look was popularized by beauty blogger Stefan Oskys.

The fishtail brows quickly became viral after Oskys posted it on his Instagram account (@SkyzEditz).

He told ABC News:

“I was inspired by Rio [Summers] from America’s Next Top Model but decided to go completely over-the-top by extending the beginning of the eyebrow outwards to create a fishtail-inspired style. I know fishtail braids in hair are a thing so why not name an eyebrow look after that, too?”

The look is ideal for those with some serious mermaid obsession.

One part of the fishtail brows extends upward and there’s a small gap towards the outer end, which completes the fishtail look.

A lot of tutorials on how to achieve the look have been popping up on YouTube and Instagram.

The unique eyebrow style can be created using makeup

But some people have also been testing the fishtail brows on their pictures using Photoshop.

The look can be further enhanced by adding some playful or dramatic makeup.

The style also looks a bit feisty as the brows can look much like little horns – more so when paired with bold makeup.

The pointy brows may not be for everyone.

But adventurous beauty enthusiasts seem to like it.


YouTuber Who Said Being Vegan Cures Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

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The research is part of “The 90+ Study” of the UCI, which is led by UCI neurology professor Claudia Kawas. Kawas and her research team analyzed 1,800 nanogenarians in a long-term study aimed at better understanding and explaining longevity. The participants' habits and how those affected their health were recorded and analyzed.

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