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Monkey Tail Beards Is Officially A Thing This 2021





We’ve seen many trends come and go during the pandemic but this just has to be one of the wackiest ever. As we’ve been seeing in some posts online, the so-called “monkey tail beard” is becoming popular among men.

The said trend started just this year and so we’re seeing guys growing their mustaches and beards and then trimming and shaping them to look like – you guessed it – monkey tails.

According to reports, it was baseball star Mike Fiers (you can see his pic on the gallery below – he’s at #1) who first rocked the style back in September 2019. Fast forward to the present, some men eventually caught up on the facial hair trend and some are even taking the time to apply some dye.

Not surprisingly, the strange style gained mixed reactions from netizens everywhere. While some saw it as pure, harmless fun, others mocked it mercilessly.

Case in point, a Twitter user commented:

“Monkey tail beards will 100% protect against unwanted pregnancies.”

Someone also joked:

“Lockdown needs to end and we all need to be vaccinated stat as this is getting ridiculous now.”

Another begged off:

“No. Just……no. I’ll just stick with my goatee, thank you.”

On the other hand, one wrote:

“Before I shave my beard off I think I’m going to rock a monkey tail beard for a few days… sh*ts hilarious.”

Go scroll down to see more images and feel free to tell us who among these guys rocked the look well!


Regardless if you think it’s funny or ridiculous, we have a feeling we’re going to see more men rocking these ‘tails’ since the trend’s been gaining some social media traction as of late.

Well, to each their own, right?

For now, we can’t wait to see what other crazy trends would take over this one several months from now.

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