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Feather Brows is the Newest Beauty Trend Nobody Expected





The world of fashion and beauty never cease to evolve – and, seemingly, each change brings a newer, crazier and more bizarre trend than previously popular fads. Take for example the fake camel toe panties that no one asked for. Now, let me present the latest beauty trend that nobody expected – the feather brows.

Stella Sironen, a Finnish make-up artist, posted on her Instagram account an image showing her with feather-like brows. She said that it was the new make-up trend but only meant it as a joke. However, the internet took her jest seriously and a new trend for eyebrows was born. The trend quickly spread and people are now posting photos of them sporting feather brows.

Stella posted this photo of her on her Instagram account.

A touch of blue eye make-up suits the feather eyebrows.

You can also play with colors, if you wish.

Or go for something darker

Or something more gothic-looking.

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