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First-time Passenger Entered the Airport through its X-Ray Scanner

Well, this man’s first flying trip is sure going to be memorable.


Well, this man’s first flying trip is sure going to be memorable. A CCTV footage posted online has been going online because of one man’s ridiculous act at the airport. In the footage, an Arab man can be seen going inside the airport carrying his luggage. The man was quickly stopped by airport authorities because he didn’t put his luggage through the X-ray scanner. He was ordered to go back and submit his luggage for inspection.

Unfortunately, the man didn’t get the instructions right; what he did next shocked both airport officials and innocent bystanders.

See for yourself in the video below:

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The footage has garnered mixed reactions from netizens; some thought the man’s actions were funny while others were a bit concerned for his safety.


This Japanese Girl Is Dubbed As The Hottest Taxi Driver In The World

With her as the driver, I definitely wouldn’t mind getting stuck in traffic.

Getting stuck in traffic is never a fun thing. In fact I hate it very much. It sucks how I sometimes leave home early just to make it to my appointments but bad traffic almost always never fails to make me late.

But I’ll be honest with you, I wouldn’t actually mind getting stuck in a gridlock if my taxi driver is as beautiful as this girl.

Netizens are currently calling Ikuta Kana, 24, as the "hottest taxi driver."

ikuta kana taxi driver model 4

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Artist Submerges Dress in the Dead Sea to Create a Fantastical Ice Fairy Gown

Who knew too much salt could create a magical piece of art?

Israeli artist Sigalit Landay had a vision. Though raised in London and Philadelphia, the Jerusalem-born Sigalit felt a strong connection to her homeland. So she decided to do something about it via the most famous body of water bordering Israel:

The Dead Sea.

gown 6

Landay took inspiration from Russian author, S. Ansky’s 1916 play “Dybbuk” which tells the story of a Hassidic woman possessed by the spirit of her dead lover.

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Yes, There is Such a Thing as Competitive Vaping – and it’s Called Cloud Chasing.

Holy smokes! Vaping has a competitive sport!


Electronic cigarettes have been slowly gaining popularity as an alternative to cigarettes and tobacco. Many of its users are smokers, while others are completely new to the smoking scene. And with its growing popularity also came the birth of a new competitive sport - cloud chasing.

In cloud chasing, or just commonly called competitive vaping, participants use their vapes or e-cigarettes to create large clouds of vapor. But sometimes just blowing the big ones isn't enough - you gotta make tricks too. And if you think these competitions are just small-time contests, then think again! When vapers participate in cloud chasing, they mean serious business. The Vape Capitol Championships alone had 28 stops and 3 conventions! And that's not even the finals!

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