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Random Facebookers Surprise Homeless ‘Santa Claus’ With Christmas Gifts





Sometimes it’s just heartbreaking how bad things can happen to even the poorest people.

This blog is about Fernand Gautreau, a homeless man who loves dressing up as Santa Claus for the kids during the holiday season. Unfortunately, he ran into some thieves who stole his belongings. They took his bag, blanket, bicycle, clothes, and everything else – including his Santa Claus suit.

Fernand has been living on the streets of Moncton in Canada for the past three years and this sad incident just made matters worse.

Eventually, he had the chance to share his story with Aleisha MacPherson who decided to do something about the situation.

In an interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, she said:

“The look in his eyes when he was telling me this, it really played on my heartstrings. It really hurt my feelings that someone would do that to someone less fortunate.”

Aleisha later spread the news about Fernand on the Facebook page called Pay It Forward and it immediately yielded positive results.

People bought Fernand Gautreau some new clothes, a bike, a cart, and a Santa suit.

homeless-santa-claus 2

Photo credit: CBC

Claude St. Coeur and Sharon Leger, his girlfriend, read the post and decided to buy Fernand some new clothes. On top of that, they got him a new Santa suit. Others who saw the Facebook post later donated a new bike and a new cart for Fernand.

Fernand was filled with gratitude for the all the people who helped him in their own little ways.

homeless-santa-claus 1

Photo credit: CBC

Claude describes Fernand’s reaction this way:

“The joy in that gentleman’s face, it was just priceless.”

With these acts of kindness, Fernand felt encouraged to improve his life and clean up his act. Although he has been an alcoholic for years, he is now planning of quitting the habit.

That’s what happens when you make someone feel loved!


H/T: Mirror

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