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Curious Boy Sets Up A Hidden Camera To Catch Santa Claus And Captures Something Awesome!





7-year old Evan was curious about Santa Claus dropping gifts for children under the tree on Christmas Eve. His parents told him that Santa usually does it when everyone in the house is sleeping. Evan wants to satisfy his own curiosity so he came up with a very good plan. The smart boy borrowed his brother’s GoPro camera. And with big bro’s help, he secretly set up the camera before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

In the morning, after the family had opened Santa’s gifts, they turned on the computer to check out what the camera had captured last night. At first, nothing appeared on the screen and it made the boy doubtful. But suddenly, they heard strange noises in the background. It sounds like jingle of bells, clatter of hooves, and footsteps on the roof. What happened next really made the boy so amazed and excited!

Watch Evan’s priceless reaction:

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Wow… I would give everything to be this innocent again. What do you think of this video? Comment your opinions below.

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