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17-Year-Old Student Gets Sent Home For “Inappropriate” Outfit That Made Teacher Feel ‘Awkward’




  • Christopher Wilson, father of 17-year old Karis, expressed how upset he was over the school’s “absurd” decision to send his daughter home for wearing “inappropriate” outfit.
  • Apparently, someone felt her dress made teachers “feel uncomfortable.”
  • Karis was in tears when she came home because of what happened.

A father from Kamloops city in British Columbia, Canada has recently shared his displeasure over a school’s decision to send his daughter home. Apparently, it was all because her outfit could make a male teacher feel “awkward.”

According to Christopher Wilson, 17-year-old Karis came home crying after she was told by a female teacher that the dress reminded her of lingerie. It was also said that the black knee-length dress worn on top of white turtle neck with long sleeves was a violation of the school dress code.

Does this dress look “inappropriate”? Karis Wilson, 17, was sent home for wearing this.

Wilson took his disappointment to social media and wrote:

“Today, my daughter was sent home for wearing clothing that made her female teacher and her male student teacher ‘feel uncomfortable’. Centered out in front of her class and told she needs to leave class and brought her to the VP’s before she went home in tears.

“After asking her how she would like me to handle it she said she wanted to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to the students that come after her.”

“I’m frustrated, I’m hurt. I’m disappointed in the system,” he also said in a video he posted online. “I’m pretty upset at this happening in 2021.”

In an interview with the media, Mr Wilson shared:

“[Karis] was told that it could possibly make the male student teacher feel awkward and it could make [her female classroom teacher] feel awkward since it reminded her of a lingerie outfit. “It’s actually a very modest outfit when you actually look at it… I think the initial comments were based on the fact that it had lace.”

Watch this video:

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Meanwhile, other students eventually staged a protest in support of Karis:

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