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Plus-Sized Woman Loses Weight, Gets Crowned As Miss Great Britain

She was once obese. Now she’s a beauty queen!

  • Jen Atkin just won as Miss Great Britain.
  • To everyone’s surprise, the 26-year-old beauty queen revealed she was once obese.
  • Now an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle, Jen believes anyone can also lose weight and achieve their dreams if they’re willing to work hard.

Looking at Jen Atkin now, it would be hard to believe she was once plus-sized. After working hard and losing weight, the 26-year-old woman from Lincolnshire, UK has successfully transformed herself into a beauty queen. In fact, she has recently been crowned as the 75th Miss Great Britain, besting 45 other finalists.

Naturally, Jen is now being hailed by many as the internet’s latest fit-spiration – and for excellent reasons. Her weight loss story is absolutely amazing!

Jen Atkin was once obese. Now she’s a beauty queen!

According to Jen, she lost 50 kg after she decided to live a healthier lifestyle and it’s been totally worth it.

She wrote in an Instagram post:

“After years of being obese, unhealthy and uncomfortable I found motivation and managed to lose 8 stone (50kg). It transformed me into an ambitious and hard working person in all areas of my life; achieving something so incredible changed my mindset and made me realize if I worked hard enough for something, I could achieve it.”

“Believe in yourself,” she motivated her followers. “Put the hard work in, stay positive and make your own dreams a reality.”

An aviation administrator by profession, Jen is now an advocate of healthy lifestyle.

According to her, the massive weight loss can be credited to regular gym visits. And everything took her 2 years of hard work.

Jen also won first runner-up in Miss England 2018.

In a LadBible article, we also learn that Jen is a country singer and she has released her first single in 2018. The track reached #2 in the ReverbNation charts. Her next song will be up this spring, she said.


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