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Female Students Enraged After Teacher Forcefully Wipes Off Their Make-Up




  • A Chinese teacher recently sparked outrage after he forcefully wiped off the makeup of female students before letting them enter the school.
  • A representative defended that the school prohibits its students from wearing heavy make-up and that the teacher was only doing his job.
  • Others, however, are calling out the teacher for the ‘inappropriate’ method.

A teacher in China has recently went viral after his video made rounds on social media. On the said footage, he can be seen forcefully wiping off make-up from the female students’ faces at the school gate before they were allowed to enter.

According to reports, the clip was filmed right outside Number Three Secondary School in Sansui, China. And while a school representative has already mentioned that they’ve been implementing a ban on wearing heavy make-up to classes, netizens still have mixed reactions about what the teacher did.

Was he too cruel or did he do the right thing?

In the viral video, we see several girls standing in line as the teacher used a rag to scrub their faces before letting them enter the facility in tears. The teacher can also be seen washing the rag in a bucket of water as he moved on and did his thing on the next student.

Netizens are divided about the incident.

Once the story gained attention online, discussion have been divisive as netizens expressed different opinions.

For example, some parents expressed support on the school policy saying middle school and high school students should definitely not be allowed to wear cosmetics.

Someone also commended the teacher for being “responsible,” even adding that he “deserves our respect.”

On the other hand, there are also those who condemned the teacher’s actions for being “harsh” to the students.

One commenter wrote:

“The teacher doesn’t have the right to do that. He should’ve just asked the girls to wash their faces in the bathroom.”

Another said:

“A school teacher’s job is to teach pupils, not embarrass them in front of everyone.”

Watch the video here:

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