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Small Wooden Cabins Look Like Houses from Fantasy Books





When I saw these cute tiny wood cabins by The Rustic Way, my mind went back to the fairy tale books I used to enjoy when I was yet a child.

They look fantastic and by that I mean they look something straight from the fantasy books. I can personally recall some children’s book artists that have drawn houses similar to the styles of these cabins.

So to see the images below is really like a dream come true for me. It’s seeing the fictional pages come alive!

The Rustic Way is a company managed by owner Dan Pauly. They specialize in creating custom garden sheds, guest cottages, playhouses, and saunas, among others. They mostly use reclaimed wood for their projects and the results are just totally eye-catching.

Check out the photos here:

These fantasy-themed cabins by The Rustic Way are absolutely glorious.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 1

Photo credit: The Rustic Way
The cabins definitely look like they leaped from the pages of your favorite children’s books.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 2

Photo credit: The Rustic Way
They are as attractive as they are functional.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 3

Photo credit: The Rustic Way
Old woods are used for these cabins, giving them an interesting vintage vibe.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 4

Photo credit:
The cabins even come with a nice sleeping space.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 5

Photo credit:
There is proper storage for your personal stuff as well.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 6

Photo credit:
For a small house, these cabins are unbelievably spacious enough.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 7

Photo credit:

Of course, it helps that Dan Pauly is very passionate about “old wood and antiques,” according to their official website. Furthermore, the site specifically mentions that Dan is “rooted in a heritage of 4 generations of wood-working artisans” meaning this is really a guy who knows how to work with wood and clearly loves every bit of it.

Although each of these cabins have their distinct designs…

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 8

Photo credit:
… Their common factor is that they all have slanted roofs, cute window boxes, and bent chimneys.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 9

Photo credit:
Each one is built according to the client’s specifications.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 11

Photo credit:
Interested customers can get in touch with the company for commissions.

the-rustic-way-fantasy-wood-cabins 10

Photo credit:

You can check out The Rustic Way website for more information about what they do. Also, you may like their Facebook page for more photos of these attractive cabins.

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