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Drunk Man Kicks Elevator Door And Jumps Right In, Free Falls To The Ground Floor

Oh the things people do under the influence of alcohol! *face palm*


We’ve heard of the crazy things overly drunk people do — they vomit on their friends, reveal embarrassing secrets, and the list is just endless.

While it is good to have alcohol in our system once in a while to help us relax a bit, too much can result in troubles, and worse, in painful accidents.

In Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China, a group of friends were seen fighting in the lobby of a KTV bar. The CCTV camera captured the young men fighting over something and pushing each other. Just then, one of the guys suddenly kicked the elevator door, which he successfully destroyed. His adrenaline did not drop after that. The next thing he did? Well, he jumped into the elevator and landed on a free fall — from the fourth to the first floor of the building.

Watch the video here:

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According to CCTV News, the guy did not sustain fatal injuries, but he suffered from a fractured leg.

Oh, the things people do under the influence of alcohol!

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Russian Girl Films All-Out Drunken Street Fight While Pretending to Take Selfies

…because Russians love their vodka, fighting, and recording everything for posterity.

We all know Russians have an excess of the feels when it comes to patriotism and their vodka, but do you know they are also passionate about fighting?

Especially if it involves vodka.

A Russian girl took a video of one such example, filming a full out drunken street fight between two inebriated dudes who had too much liquor.

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Villagers in Philippines Are Baffled Why This Vacant Lot is Suddenly “Hot as Hell”

Village residents were shocked to see the ground in flames… and they don’t know what’s causing it.

The Philippine province of Sarangani — which situated in Mindanao, one of the country's three main islands — is currently more popularly known as the place where boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is the congressman. But the place is now being talked about for a completely different reason. In fact, you could say that it's a very hot topic.

Several residents in the village of Bales in the town of Maasim, Sarangani have uploaded and shared videos on Facebook showing the ground in flames. Elvie Julieta Canoy shared two videos showing the phenomenon.

What's causing the fire?

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One Wrong Move And This Cool ATV Stunt Immediately Turned Into Tragedy

This ATV stunt video recently went viral on social media for the wrong reasons.

This ATV stunt video recently went viral on social media – for all the wrong reasons.

Although, sure, we’d be the first ones to admit that the driver shown in the clip below is pretty good, the stunt was done in such a way that safety was compromised in order to look, well, bad ass.

The amateur footage shows a few guys riding their dirt bikes and ATVs on the streets of Waterbury, Connecticut. To their credit, most of them were wearing their helmets – except for one dude.

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