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Drunk Man Kicks Elevator Door And Jumps Right In, Free Falls To The Ground Floor





We’ve heard of the crazy things overly drunk people do — they vomit on their friends, reveal embarrassing secrets, and the list is just endless.

While it is good to have alcohol in our system once in a while to help us relax a bit, too much can result in troubles, and worse, in painful accidents.

In Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China, a group of friends were seen fighting in the lobby of a KTV bar. The CCTV camera captured the young men fighting over something and pushing each other. Just then, one of the guys suddenly kicked the elevator door, which he successfully destroyed. His adrenaline did not drop after that. The next thing he did? Well, he jumped into the elevator and landed on a free fall — from the fourth to the first floor of the building.

Watch the video here:

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According to CCTV News, the guy did not sustain fatal injuries, but he suffered from a fractured leg.

Oh, the things people do under the influence of alcohol!

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