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Dress Rules That the Royal Family Must Follow

…or they risk a scolding from Her Majesty herself.

  • Prince George can’t wear pants until he turns 8 or 9.
  • No cleavage, no bright nails, and definitely no bare legs.
  • The Queen can wear all the bright clothing she wants.

It’s obvious that being a part of the royal family is definitely swell, what with the obvious perks that come with the title. But as the immortal line in Spider-Man goes, with great power comes great responsibility. As part of the countless public appearances that a royal has to contend with, he or she must also look the part and follow a strict dress code.

So what are the rules for looking impeccable all the time (well, at least in public)? These are what Queen Elizabeth, William, Harry, Kate, Meghan, and the rest of the family have to keep in mind before stepping out and getting scrutinized by the adoring crowds.

Little boys up to the age of 7 can only wear shorts.

Ever wonder why you haven’t seen the adorable Prince George sporting a pair of pants? The rulebook says he and other royals under the age of 8 or 9 are limited to wearing shorts. It doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of cold in the UK! The palace consider pants to be too manly a clothing for little boys.

The women must wear pantyhose ALL THE TIME when wearing skirts.

No one is exempt from the pantyhose rule, not even the Queen herself. We can only imagine the pantyhose budget to cover all the ladies in the family. It was Kate who made wearing pantyhose sexier again when she started showing up in sheer and nude pantyhose.

No cleavage allowed.

We have yet to see any of the royal women display the goods in public. So it’s always modest necklines – or the Queen gives them a scolding!

No bright nail polish.

The Queen has been wearing the same nude pink nail polish since 1989. You can never catch Kate or Meghan with bright-colored nails.

The Queen CAN wear bright colors.

While the other royal women are confined to wearing plain colors, the Queen can don clothes in neon colors. Her Majesty has rocked suits from candy pink to neon green, with hats, shoes, and purses to match. It’s not just for personal preference though – it makes her stand out and easily seen in large crowds, which is very important for her subjects.

The Queen always wears gloves.

It’s not just for modesty or a queenly thing to do, wearing gloves serves a practical purpose – it protects Her Majesty from getting bacteria whenever she shakes hands with hundreds of people.

They can go crazy on the hats.

Whatever restraint the royals have on their body from the neck down does not apply to their hats – they can go absolutely nuts especially during those events where they take their craziest fascinators out and show them off like peacocks to the press.


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