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6 Unlikely Friendships Of The British Royal Family And Celebrities

Who does the British royal family like to hang out with?






We see in the movies that all royals do are train, wave courteously, smile politely, and train some more. With a hectic schedule, people believe that the British royal family doesn’t have time for friendships outside the Windsor Castle.

As it turns out, the things we see in the movies are far from the truth. Here are seven unlikely royal friendships that will surprise you.

1. Prince William and Eddie Redmayne

Prince William and Eddie Redmayne’s friendship started way back in their younger years. The Fantastic Beasts actor and the Duke of Cambridge went to school at Eton and played rugby on the same team. Eddie previously shared a rather fun story during his rugby days with the prince.

“The thing about playing rugby with Prince William is it was great for us because all the people from the other schools would want to tackle him because they could go home and tell their families they tackled Prince William. So we were sort of running around with no one on us.”

2. Princes William and Harry and David Beckham

The soccer legend was present in both William and Harry’s weddings, so it’s already a giveaway that he had formed a friendship with the princes. David described the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex as “very easy to get along with.”

3. Meghan Markle and Serena Williams

Serena Williams was invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding because of her friendship with the former actress. The Duchess of Sussex even shared that the professional tennis player is her “confidante.”

4. Duchess Camilla and Angelina Jolie

The wife of Prince Charles and the Hollywood superstar bonded through their love for humanity. Angelina met up with Camilla a few years ago in London after giving a talk at a global summit. The rest, as they say, is history.

5. Prince Harry and Rihanna

Although the prince and the singer were heavily shipped in the past, they were just good friends. Harry and Rihanna met during the 50th anniversary of the independence of Barbados, which is the latter’s birthplace. They enjoyed a concert together and even underwent HIV tests live on camera to promote World AIDS Day.

6. Princess Diana and Elton John

Just like any other friendships, the Princess of Wales and the music icon were once close but had a falling out. Thankfully, they reconciled before her death. Ironically, Diana comforted Elton at the funeral of his friend, fashion designer Gianni Versace. Just a month later, the people’s princess was in a tragic accident.


6 Things You Won’t See In Restaurants Anymore

It’s for the best.




We go to our favorite restaurants to enjoy the food and ambiance. We pay, we leave and return any time soon. However, things might not be the same anymore when you go to your favorite restaurant as there are changes made to the premises that are quite noticeable.

Most of these changes are actually good and are even in favor of the environment and for people who care for it. Here are six things that you won’t find in restaurants anymore.

1. Plastic Straws

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7 Reasons Why You Should Pay With Cash

#5 is the best.




Carrying a couple of cards in your wallet seemed to be more practical than bringing cash and coins along with you. But the truth is, paying with cash is actually more beneficial.

In a world where paying is just a swipe away, it seems that using cash is a thing in the past. But is swiping your card really the best option? Here are seven reasons why you should pay with cash.

1. Your purchases will become valuable.

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California City To Pay Monthly $500 Allowance To Its Residents

Is it time to move to Stockton, California?

Nobelle Borines



Stockton is not exactly the first place that comes to mind when considering an ideal place to live in California. After all, it was once touted "the most miserable city in the U.S." by Forbes back in 2011. The city was previously on the verge of bankruptcy and people were unsure whether living in Stockton would be a good idea.

Interestingly, it looks like the California city has bounced back since those dark days. Stockton will reportedly take part in a major test for Universal Basic Income (UBI). In line with this, the city will pay 100 of its residents a monthly stipend of $500 in 2019.

Stockton is the first US city that will take part in the UBI program starting next year.

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