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Netizen Calls Out Two People In A Coffee Shop Wearing Overly Casual Clothing

The uploader said the customers can “uglify” themselves at home.






They said you should dress to impress. But what if you’re just out to have a quick caffeine fix in a coffee shop and hang out with your friends?

Whether we like it or not, how we look and how we dress affects how others perceive us. However, some people who are offended by overly casual clothing are making such a big deal out of it to the point of ranting it out on social media.

Jhong Garcia took to Facebook to share his dismay about a post he saw on Twitter. He shared a screenshot of the post where two men can be seen hanging out in a coffee shop, wearing sleeveless tops and possibly a pair of shorts.

The uploader pointed out that people should not be allowed to wear sandos (a sleeveless shirt for men), shorts, and slippers in public places because “others can lose their appetite.”

The caption read:

“Perhaps we can all agree, and our legislators can pitch in: please ban sando, shorts, and/or tsinelas (slippers) in public places? One can be sloppy and uglify inside their home all they want. But don’t bugoy (bum) in public, [especially] in areas where others can lose their appetite.”

The uploader argued that most people can afford smartphones, so why can’t they dress nicely when they’re out and about.

“Laws have a teaching element and instilling proper civic courtesy to others is certainly lawful subject matter.”

Wait. What?

The post does not identify the original uploader since the name was cropped out. He/she was undoubtedly hoping for others to chime in and support his/her views, but the uploader got the opposite instead as he/she angered a lot of netizens.

Jhong noted that the way you dress in public should not be a big deal and you are not required to be fancy when you want to go out and get coffee for example. In fact, most coffee shops don’t have a dress code, so you can be as casual as you want.

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