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This Box is Filled with Tissues That Will Keep You Motivated


When we’re at a low point in our lives, tissues are always there to keep us company. This is why, Hugo Santos, an artist and design student from Portugal came up with an idea to create tissues that will motivate people who are feeling down.

Dubbed as “Don’t You Weep”, the tissue boxes contain 20 tissues measuring 23x21cm with motivational messages printed on it. The motivational quotes are printed in fluorescent orange, a colour which conveys joy and energy.

Hugo was actually inspired by a series of rejections on his work. Instead of getting depressed, Hugo opted to turn his frustrations into an art that will actually encourage an individual to get back on his feet.

The “Don’t You Weep” tissue boxes were sold at The Pop-Up Shop for 4€ each.  Unfortunately, all the boxes had been bought so we’re hoping Hugo would produce more of these motivational tissues.


Photo credit: Behance


Photo credit: Behance


Photo credit: Behance


Photo credit: Behance


Photo credit: Behance


Photo credit: Behance

Source: Hugo Santos via Bored Panda

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