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50 Interesting Behind-The-Scene Images That Reveal The Truth About Photography

Some are truly impressive while some are downright hilarious – such as #8 and #12!

While it is true that every snapshot captures a moment, sometimes each shot likewise has an interesting backstory as to how it came to be. Case in point, the photos below will show you that the images we see online are mostly just a part of a scene and we often fail to see the bigger picture.

To get the perfect shot, some photographers need more than skills – they need creativity and resourcefulness. Aside from using modern tools (such as photo manipulation software or apps), they likewise utilize everyday objects to achieve their desired effects.

Seeing these behind-the-scene images not only make us appreciate the hard work of photographers more, some of them likewise amaze us – if not make us laugh hard.

So without further ado, go scroll down and find out for yourself. And yeah, good luck trying to unsee some of the most hilarious ones, such as #8 and #12!


Source: Rom Celano


Source: mvperti


Source: BiKip SongAo



Source: hungddaknull

Source: Nino Quy

Source: nicolesyblog

Source: Igor Grushko








Source: Lycilia-Art







Source: wake lee


Source: BiKip SongAo

Source: Do Xuan But

Source: Rey Mangouta

Source: Igor Grushko









Source: Naked Welkin






Source: TungS


Source: Naked Welkin


Well which of these photos are most impressive or are too funny to forget anytime soon? We’d definitely love to hear from you so please feel free to let us know folks by leaving a comment below!


25 Whimsical (and Mind-Bending) Paintings by Artist Robert Gonsalves

These wonderful optical illusions will make you stop and stare!

One of the amazing things about good art is that they have the capability to make your imagination soar. A painting, for example, can take you to different places, make you ponder about an idea, or even wonder about how beautiful the world is.

To some degree, you get to experience all that while looking at the work of painter Robert Gonsalves. This Canadian artist is known for his optical illusion paintings that are as beautiful as they are whimsical.

In his official Facebook page, we read how Rob got started in art at a young age and how that journey brought him to where he is now.

He wrote:...

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Japanese Artist Hand-Cuts Octopus From Single Sheet Of Paper

Her attention to detail is truly breathtaking!

Most of us are quite happy when we can manage to fold a paper plane that actually flies. However, one Japanese artist has taken paper art to a completely new level. She meticulously cut a gorgeous octopus out of a single sheet of paper.

Masayo Fukuda is a woman with an amazingly creative mind and great patience. The Japanese artist has practiced the paper cutting art technique known as Kirie or Kirigami for the past 25 years. This means that Fukuda actually cuts out her art from a single sheet of paper. Needless to say, the results are always breathtaking.

This gorgeous artwork has been cut out of a single sheet of paper!

Fukuda used a sheet of A2 paper to work on the octopus. Not surprisingly, the process of cutting out the perfect little octopus took up several hours of her time. Fukuda revealed that she spent two months working on the octopus....

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Japanese Artist Turns Snack Packaging Into Amazing Masterpieces

A good use for things that would otherwise land in trash!

It's always amazing when we see creative people turning trash into fantastic works of art. They definitely make it possible for us look at ordinary objects with new eyes!

Case in point, one artist from Japan named Haruki (also known by his Twitter followers as @02ESyRaez4VhR2l) has been gaining massive attention on the internet because of his unique creations.

As you will see on the photos below, this man has the incredible talent of crafting figures and models using snack packaging. What's even more amazing is the amount of details he puts into each piece.


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