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Watching These Dogs on Wheel Carts Enjoy Playing Fetch is Absolutely Heartwarming





A heartwarming video of dogs in wheel carts made rounds on social media in 2014. Rina, and her other disabled dog friends, can’t help but enjoy playing fetch with their owner Gritta Goetz.

You see, Rina was once a victim of abuse as she was used by her old owners as a target in Bulgaria. About 20 bullets were removed from her body and two of those bullets were inoperable as they were stuck in her spinal canal. Since then, she started using a wheel cart so she could walk.

It was not an easy recovery for Rina, and it took a year before she went out of her safe box. However, today, Rina is now playful and fearless, and she enjoys playing fetch with the other dogs Gritta has rehabilitated.

Rina has proven that time can heal emotional wounds and that one should never give up hope.

Watch the dogs on wheel carts enjoy playing fetch here:

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Indeed, Rina and the other dogs on wheel carts are Gritta’s small miracles.


H/T: Mirror

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