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Old Concrete Floor Made Into an Exceptional Natural Cordwood Floor!

Do you know that you can make classic and wonderful floor using the branches of a tree? It’s easy, you can do it on your own! Check out the step by step process here!


Did you ever think of making your own floor and design in your house? Do you find it impossible? The good news is, it is doable. Are you interested in a wood or forestry design? Then this is for you!

A woman in Arizona named Sunny Pettis Lutz made her own extraordinary cordwood floor in her home, with the help of her husband Tony. She used Shaggy Bark Juniper and Alligator Bark Juniper. Take note that before collecting trees to use for your floor; you must first get a permit to gather dead trees.

The photos of this unique cordwood floor was sent by Sunny Lutz to Richard Flatau of, you can also see many different cordwood designs in his blog.

Interested in making your own cordwood floor? No need to worry, Sunny Luz shared the steps on how she created this kind of floor.

#1. Cut the bark using a chop saw at 1 inch

DIY Old Surface Floor Made Into a Natural Cordwood Floor 1

#2. Use only clean and in good condition bark pieces, choose carefully.

DIY Old Surface Floor Made Into a Natural Cordwood Floor 2

#3. Using a belt sander, smoothen and polish the chosen bark disk pieces (both sides).

DIY Old Surface Floor Made Into a Natural Cordwood Floor 3

Don’t forget to clean the old concrete surface where you will put the bark pieces. Sweep and Mop. This is important.

#4. Arrange the disks on the concrete surface.

DIY Old Surface Floor Made Into a Natural Cordwood Floor 4

Make sure to layout all the disks close to one another. Strictly follow a 2 foot sections.

#5. Use the Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive.

DIY Old Surface Floor Made Into a Natural Cordwood Floor 5

Glue the pieces following the layout you made on the surface floor.

#6. Use a belt sander to smoothen, level and polish the glued disks.

DIY Old Surface Floor Made Into a Natural Cordwood Floor 6

Then, clean all the dirt and dust.

#7. Put a light coat of polyurethane to the exterior of the disk pieces glued on the floor.

DIY Old Surface Floor Made Into a Natural Cordwood Floor 7

Mix 80% tile grout and 20% saw dust then apply it to the spaces between the disk slices. Don’t forget to put 2 to 3 coats of polyurethane as the last step. These will prevent the grout from sticking on to the top. Follow the finishing steps carefully.

What can you say about the floor design? Did you like it?

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H/T: Cordwood Construction


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