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How Disgusting is Your Smartphone?





There are countless ways smartphones have dramatically changed our lives. These gadgets have redefined the meaning of convenience and revolutionized the way we live.

Indeed, the world has become dependent on smartphones that a recent report by Time revealed that 41% of households in US went wireless-only by the end of 2013. Gone are the days when majority of people relied on landline phones.

Despite the benefits these handheld devices give us, do you know that the most useful gadget in your life can also turn you into a germophobe once you hear all the icky stuff about it?

Apparently, there are several gross facts about your smartphone that you probably didn’t know. Fortunately, NWB Trending created an informative video that will make you aware of all the horrifying information about your smartphone. For instance, do you know that mites crawl in through your phone’s headphone jack and practically thrive there?

If that info isn’t enough to disgust you, then you better watch this video.

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