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Cleaning Your Phone Can Help You Prevent Coronavirus, Says Experts





With thousands infected in China and an increasing number of confirmed cases across the world, health authorities are repeatedly reminding the general public about ways to avoid contacting the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ve all heard about the basic precautions such as wearing face masks in public, washing hands frequently, avoiding large crowds, and, of course, boosting the immune system.

But did you know cleaning our mobile devices can also be a preventive measure against the disease? According to some experts, it absolutely can since our gadgets are among the dirtiest objects we use on a daily basis.

Yes, you can get infected with the virus because of your mobile phone.

In a press conference. Kenneth Mak, director of medical services for Singapore Ministry of Health, warned about the importance of hygiene practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Mak also pointed out:

“Be aware of things you commonly touch. The thing most commonly touched is your phone, so wearing a mask is not the most important thing.”

Users often carry their mobile devices everywhere, even in the toilet – as such, it probably has faecal matters on the surface. To make matters worse, a person often holds it close to their eyes, nose, and lips – which are common entry points of the coronavirus.

Cellphones can be extremely disgusting!

In a 2017 article published by TIME, University of Michigan School of Public Health epidemiology assistant professor Emily Martin put it this way:

“Because people are always carrying their cell phones even in situations where they would normally wash their hands before doing anything, cell phones do tend to get pretty gross.”

The same feature likewise mentioned about a University of Arizona study that claims mobile phones have 10 times more bacteria compared with toilet seats.

Here’s how you can effectively disinfect your gadget:

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