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Apparently, Doughnuts Sprinkled With Insects Is Now A Thing!

Would you eat a cricket-covered doughnut?


Whether you are a fan of doughnuts or not, one sprinkled with insects is probably the last thing to pop up in your mind when you think about these sweet treats. And yet, here we are and, as the title above tells us, an insect-filled doughnut is now officially a thing.

According to recent reports, Doughnut Time recently opened shop in London and they are now selling cricket-topped doughnuts. Needless to say, the controversial food time immediately made headlines everywhere!

Talk about a stomach-churning doughnut!

The Australian brand recently came to the United Kingdom and introduced the Bushtucker doughnut which is, as Metro describes, a “milk chocolate glazed ring doughnut, laden with Oreo crumb, Shredded Wheat and raspberry jam.”

The catch, of course, is that the Bushtucker comes “topped with salt and vinegar flavored crickets” and sells for £4.50 (or approximately US$6)

The store also offers a gold star and another free doughnut of any flavor for customers who will eat their insect-covered doughnut at the store.

Eating insects is good for the body, according to experts.

Source: iamaileen

Well if you’re wondering about why the heck you should eat insects in the first place, several scientists are actually claiming that eating insects could actually be the “key to tackling climate change,” wrote Metro.

Also, another woman has found out that insects can be a great source of protein after cooking and eating them for more than a year now. For example, crickets contain vitamin B and zinc. It also has five times as much magnesium as beef plus they’re considered a low-calorie source of protein and fiber. Moreover, they’re a great source of omega 3.

Would you eat the Bushtucker doughnut?

If you’re brave enough to try this doughnut, go drop by Doughnut Time at 96 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 5ED. The products are available while supplies last.


89-Year-Old Grandma Learns Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits

This grandma is much cooler than me!

It’s always amazing when old people learn new technology. Most often than not, the results tend to be pretty adorable, if not downright hilarious.

Remember that cool father who went viral after taking selfies with his pet dogs and sheep? That man won the internet after netizens were captivated with his photos. He immediately became a viral sensation.

Now we’ve got another senior citizen making waves at social media and this time, it’s a grandmother from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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20 Memes Every ‘Not a Morning Person’ Can Totally Relate To

Just who are you to wake me up at 11:30 AM? Explain!

Ah, memes. Are we not grateful for their existence? Heck, we might even like the idea of thanking the person who invented them. Because seriously, they always make us laugh and, well, laugh some more. But we cannot deny the fact that some of them suck – and their existence is nothing but a joke to the meme culture.

Today, however, we will show you a different set of memes. If you are the type who loathe mornings (okay, you are not a morning person), then these are perfect for you. They surely will accompany you throughout your nocturnal adventures. And not just that, though. You can relate to them, as they actually speak for and sum up your life.

So, without further ado, here are 20 memes from Elite Reader’s deepest meme stash. And this is for you – yes, you. You morning person!

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Drunk Brazilian Guy Shot His Penis After Taunting An Alligator

Man, this is hilarious (and sad at the same time)!

Everyone says do not mess with an alligator. Let me tell you that they know what they were talking about. However, drunk men always think otherwise and never seem to learn.

A drunk Brazilian guy was so tipsy and was showing off to his friends. He got a shotgun and tapped the alligator with the butt of the gun. Unfortunately, the gun went off and shot his crotch. It also startled the alligator.

A Brazilian guy got drunk and wandered to the swamp trying to spook an alligator using a shotgun.

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