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Concerned Dad Installed a CCTV, What it Caught Will Make You Angry!





A dad in Indiana was baffled coming home to see his children covered in bruises and injuries everytime. And though kids would naturally be playful and might get themselves into a mess or injury, it doesn’t happen to such grave extent that Steven Corthorn sees with his two young children.

So the concerned father installed a CCTV in the children’s playroom to get to the bottom of the matter. What it captured can be really shocking to any parent or spouse.

The mother of the two children, Kendra Beswick casually walked in on the room and just started beating the two kids for no apparent reason. The other upsetting thing in this video aside from the despicable act of the mother itself, is the fact that the children no longer cried. As if they knew it was bound to happen and just had to endure the beating. After being beaten up, the toddlers continue on playing as if nothing happened. That fact suggests that this might have happened on a regular basis and the kids have learned to live with the abuse.

Some may argue it might have been a regular disciplinary action, a regular spanking. But then the kids are clearly not doing anything wrong by playing. Nor that intensity of hitting the children can be called a disciplinary spanking.

Warning: the video may be upsetting to some people. Viewer discretion is strongly advised

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Corthorn posted the video of his wife’s despicable act and has since then filed for divorce. Police reports has also been done and Beswick has been arrested early in December this year for 2 counts of child abuse. When asked about his ex-wife, Corthorn has this to say, “I do not wish to see her imprisoned, I want to see her get some help, get some counseling. I know they said they were sending her through anger management and parenting classes.”

Whatever emotional stress parents are dealing with, we should never take it out on our unsuspecting children. Subjecting them to such abuse will raise them to think that physical abuse is the norm. And if we see something wrong with our partner’s behavior helping them get through it with counseling could help prevent unsafe actions in the future.

This news also raises the importance of installing devices such as CCTV for the safety of our children. Especially if we have to entrust them to strangers such as hired nannies or baby-sitters. When it comes to the safety of our kids, parents should never compromise.

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