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Never Shed Tears Again While Cutting Onions With This Kitchen Hack!


Perhaps at least once in our lives, we shed tears for something we thought can’t hurt us. We cried our eyes out from the pain, the agony… of cutting up onions!

Crying while cutting them damn onions is a prevalent international problem that there are memes about it. There’s even an internet phrase, “damn ninja-cutting onions making me cry” That’s how big a problem it is!

Fortunately, there are those brave souls who tried solving it…

From helmets to goggles, anything to keep the tears at bay!

From helmets to goggles, anything to keep the tears at bay!

Men and women alike fall prey to those nasty onion tears!

Men and women alike fall prey to those nasty onion tears!

But well, aside from wearing goggles or helmets while cutting up onions, is there another solution? Apparently yes, and you can thank us later for this hack. Actually it is Chef Jack Scalfani you should thank.

Watch him explain in this video:

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So to sum up, there are two ways to prevent crying from cutting onions. The easier one is using a food processor, DUH! And then there is the nifty trick of soaking them in cold water for an hour to neutralize the chemical irritant. The harder one, but is oh-so satisfying is to take out the noxious bulb step-by-step as demonstrated.

Cut up the base part of the onion…

Cut up the base part of the onion...

Extract that noxious part, and chop away…

Extract that noxious part... and chop away...

Nifty, right? Well excuse me as I go try this if it really works. Onion rings, here I come!

Loved this kitchen hack? Or have any tricks and tips to avoid onion tears? Share it with us in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share this kitchen tip with your friends!


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