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25 Incredible Parenting Hacks To Make Life With Kids Easier





Having a baby in the house can be a delightful yet shackling experience. Babies seem to see everything they can reach – or not reach – as a challenge. If you put something out of their reach; they’ll adorably squish or stumble their cute round baby heads in tiny spots and high places just to reach it. We live in a world that is not safe, where everything we do should be done with caution, especially when it comes to kids.

Kids are naturally curious; one moment they are happily playing in the living room and the next you panic because you can’t see them. The result is that parents can’t do house chores because they need to keep their children within their sight. Have you ever had the same problem? What did you do? Here are some tips that you might want to try:

#1. Is your baby crawling all over the house? Preoccupy them with toys inside an inflatable pool.

#2. Tired of crumbs and spills on your carseat? Put a mat under your kids’ seat.

Source: Pinterest
#3. Is your baby always changing the channel and playing with your appliances? Use a screen.

#4. Are you always losing sight of your baby? Try this inflatable pool with alphabet mat in the flooring.

Source: Pinterest
#5. Are you always fighting a battle with your baby during medicine time? Trick them into drinking with these sippy cups.

Source: Pro Mamisky
#6. Scared of babies putting dirty pacifiers in their mouths? Use these brilliant bib+pacifier holders.

#7. Does your kid want to help out with setting the table? Create a cupboard made of shoe rack for them that they can reach.

Source: Facebook
#8. Do you need more stealth skills when closing your nursery door? Use a door quieter with a little garter and cloth scrap.

#9. Is your baby ready for his own bed? Lessen your worry by strapping two pool noodles under the bedsheet.

Source: Healthway
#10. If your baby needs a quick nap, use a pool noodle stuffed inside a pillowcase so he won’t roll over.

Source: Pinterest
#11. Need to keep your child away? Use disposable hooks and a small blanket to block their way.

#12. Furniture toppling over? Strap them to a wall to avoid accidents.

#13. Here’s another way to keep your children away from one area of your house.

Source: Pinterest
#14. Are your kids always opening cabinets? Use plastic rings to lock it.

#15. Keep your kids preoccupied by hanging locking rings and their toys inside your car.

Source: Pinterest
#16. Are you always travelling with your child? Add an extra strap on his forehead so his head will be secured if he falls asleep.

#17. Use tension rods as a barrier to keep your kids roaming the house.

#18. Here’s another brilliant way to stop kids from opening cabinets. Use dog collars!

Source: Pinterest
#19. Keep your babies awy from the dirty shopping cart handles by giving them a Cheerios necklace to munch on.

Source: Pinterest
#20. Save time by hanging bibs right where you put all the food essentials.

#21. Keep your children from playing with the fridge door and the toilet paper.

#22. Use a spice rack to house your feeding bottle while drying them.

#23. Help your kids entertain themselves with this restaurant kit.

#24. Do you have a high sink? Use empty lotion bottles to make an extension for your little ones.

#25. Keep your child from chewing off his crib with this cloth cover.

Source: Pinterest

Parenting is a beautiful thing. It is never a one-size-fits-all journey. The tips and hacks above are brilliant but remember it may work for one parent but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to work for everyone else. Tell about some hacks that you have tried with your kids.

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