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Here’s How Your Grilled Burger Can Put Your Health At Risk





While there is no denying that hamburgers are mouthwatering, do you know that they can put your life in grave danger? Apart from their high fat content that can affect your health when they are consumed in excess, the grill where they are cooked may just send you in the hospital, too!

Yes, you read it right. The grills where you cook your hamburger patties or barbecues can send you to the hospital. According to home-improvement expert Ron Hazelton, this is especially true when the wire brush you use in cleaning your grill is old, as some of its bristles can break off and get stuck on the grates.

Watch out for those wire bristles!

“The food that is then put on the grill picks up the bristle and it’s ingested, and that can cause some fairly serious problems,” Hazelton said.

As seen in the video below by Inside Edition, a single bristle can indeed show up on an MRI. If a person happens to ingest it, his esophagus or stomach can be punctured. Hence, Hazelton recommends alternative ways to clean the grill other than a bristle brush.

Pumice stone is a safe grill-cleaning tool.

Apart from the use of a coiled brush, Hazelton recommends the use of of a pumice stone to clean the grill. According to him, the stone is abrasive enough to remove the charred food stuck on the grates.

A balled-up aluminum foil can do the job as well.

The use of a putty knife or a scraper is also recommended while a balled-up aluminum foil can also do the trick in effectively cleaning the grill.

Who says onions are only great as burger toppings?

While onions certainly savory burger toppings, they, too are ideal in cleaning the grill because its acidity can effectively remove particles when they are rubbed on the grates.

If you insist on cleaning your grill with a wire brush, don’t forget the magnet.

However, if one insists on using a wire brush to clean his grill, he must make sure to hover a magnet over it. This way, the magnet will attract bristles that have stuck on grates and ensure that the next barbecue or grilling session will be wire-bristle-free.

Watch the video here:

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What alternative tool do you prefer in cleaning your grill? Whatever it is, make sure it is safe. Happy grilling!

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