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10 Countries That Are Most Likely Safe From Foreign Invasion




#4. North Korea

Source: Roman Harak

North Korea has 700,000 active personnel and 4,500,000 reserve; 4,200 tanks and 6,550 artillery. Also, they have 458 air fighters and 222 helicopters. With 70 submarines they have a naval strength of 967. On top of that, the country has 8 nuclear warheads.

In the 50’s during the Korean War, the United States and South Korea tried to invade the North but were unsuccessful.

#3. United Kingdom

With U.K.’s 150,000 active personnel and 182,000 reserves, 407 tanks and 227 artillery, 91 air fighters and 397 helicopters, naval strength of 76 and 215 nuclear warheads, it ranks third on the list.

The country being an island nation is one of the primary reasons why the UK remains to be hard to invade. The UK also has strong allies who are ready to provide aid in case of an impending threat.

#2. Russia

Russia boasts of 766,000 active military personnel and 2,485,000 reserves. It also has 15,400 tanks and 10,600 artillery. The country has 751 air fighters and 1,750 helicopters, as well as a naval strength of 352 with its 60 submarines and one aircraft carrier. Russia also has 7,300 nuclear warheads.

Russia is almost impossible to invade and history has proven that over and over. Aside from its vast army and being the largest country, Russia’s harsh winter proves to be a big advantage.

#1. USA

As expected, the USA tops the list, considering it has 1,400,000 active personnel and 1,100,000 reserves. The country has 8,850 tanks and 3,300 personnel, 2,300 air fighters and 7,100 helicopters. With 75 submarines and 19 aircraft carriers, it has a naval strength of 415.

Source: US Army

The Land of the Free also has 7,100 nuclear warheads. Its geographical location is advantageous and there’s also the fact that the government has allocated $581 billion for the military.

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