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China’s New Helicopter Actually Looks Like A UFO

China claims the fully-armed aircraft cannot be detected by radar.


China’s newest helicopter is an absolute head-turner. Everyone who has seen it so far has the same impression: it looks like a UFO! And it has since created quite a buzz on social media.

According to reports, China’s fully-armed “Super Great White Shark” was recently unveiled at Tianjin’s China Helicopter Exposition. Furthermore, the sign that went with the prototype aircraft said that it is actually “a composite wing-body fusion high-speed helicopter configuration designed for the future digital information battlefield.”

A bizarre helicopter that literally looks out of this world.

The sci-fi looking attack helicopter measures 25 feet in length and is about 10 feet in height. It carries two persons and the schematic illustrations tell us that the outer shell provides covers for its rotors and engines. This possibly means that the aircraft has stealth capabilities since sharp angles are not quickly noticeable and are therefore difficult to detect for radars.

On top of that, we learn that the Super Great White Shark is expected to deliver a speed of more than 400 mph.

Tech and weapons enthusiasts who are curious about the project need not wait too long since it’s been announced that it will be taking its maiden flight during Zhuhai’s 2020 Airshow China.

If it does take off and perform according to its features, then it will be the first aircraft of its kind in the world to finally do that.

United States’ VZ-9 Avrocar was an epic fail in the 1950s.

Way back the 1950s, the VZ-9 Avrocar was tested by the US military but it was unstable and could only reach a disappointing 35 mph and it only lifted 3 feet above the ground.

Of course, it is worth-noting that technology has evolved greatly since the 50s and China has proved itself as a superpower.

Well let’s all wait and see if China succeeds in this.


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